I Spent Three Hours Colonel that is getting Sanders Fall in Love beside me on KFC’s brand brand New Dating gaming

I Spent Three Hours Colonel that is getting Sanders Fall in Love beside me on KFC’s brand brand New Dating gaming

To say this had been finger-lickin’ effective would be too crude

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Here’s a sentence that may as well have already been spat out by a word that is random outfitted exclusively for 2019: Today KFC circulated an anime-style dating simulator game starring a hot, silver-fox Colonel Sanders. The big shock? It is really decent.

The overall game, dubbed “I like You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator” and developed by entertainment/advertising business Psyop for the fried-chicken brand name, follows the gamer via a three-day cooking college adventure (a cooking college level in 3 days… that’s how you realize it is a fantasy, have always been I appropriate, folks?). Due to the fact primary character, your storyline involves making your level, supporting your closest friend, and enhancing your culinary chops. But above all else, that is a relationship game, so the objective that is ultimate to bag the svelte Kentucky-fried daddy this is the Colonel, looking in the same way suave as KFC’s CGI Instagram influencer form of the man.

KFC isn’t any complete complete stranger to making use of game titles as an automobile for promotion: past stunts consist of a digital truth nightmare of a worker training course as well as an 8-bit Atari-style game additionally starring the Colonel, but never ever gets the approach been horny that is quite so. Here you will find the shows you can easily anticipate, if you, just like me, elect to invest a couple of hours wanting to date the Hot Colonel in a video game that is fried-chicken-branded

Select Your Personal Adventure

The video game unfolds in ten components, all of that involves some important choices which could spell your untimely demise or otherwise bring the narrative up to a unfortunate halt. Yes, the stakes in this game of cooking college tourist attractions are incredibly high your character might die, as actually mine did. Often times.

They are simply a number of the means we accidentally cut brief my road to cooking popularity and real love:

  • Going to the light in a fried-chicken-triggered, out-of-body state of rapture
  • Isolating your dog from their dog biscuit
  • Perhaps maybe Not maintaining my libido under control and building a move too early (repeatedly…)

Not only this, but like in just about any dating sim, specific alternatives affect the thing of affection’s emotions when it comes to player, creating an closing where you may earn the hunky Colonel’s heart — or perhaps a voucher to their restaurant.


Sunlight filtering as a bed room, an academy courtyard swirling with cherry blossoms, an arena that is cooking for Top Chef — the overall game is flush with such backgrounds, which frankly wouldn’t watch out of spot in highbrow shoujo anime like Ouran twelfth grade Host Club. The figures, too, are accordingly well rendered, blinking and pouting in a powerful sufficient option to recommend some humanity that is two-dimensional. Not forgetting, the meals design really appears appetizing.

KFC’s menu products perform a main part in the game’s storyline. Screenshot: “I Favor You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”


The dialogue trends toward cheesy, however with sufficient self-awareness that lots of for the lines can certainly be read as ironic.

See, as an example, the school’s that is culinary mouthful of the title: “University of Cooking class: Academy for Learning.” Yeah, Shakespeare could never ever.

Diverse game play

This is fairly standard click ‘n’ go like most Choose Your Own adventure games. But there are many mini challenges to modify it, including a timed quiz (which, it works out, you’re destined to lose no real matter what) and a battle that is turn-based something known as a “spork monster.” It asian mail order brides is not really powerful adequate to keep a person’s attention for, state, the 3 hours We invested speed-clicking through every feasible game because of this article (and undoubtedly my intimate future aided by the Colonel), but a lot more than adequate for the a couple of playthroughs that an ordinary individual would undertake.

Side characters

There’s a whole host of figures current to flesh out of the globe building with this game: friend that is best Miriam, spectacles-wearing Professor puppy (a.k.a. Sprinkles), villainous Aashleigh and Van Van, small-statured child Pop, sentient kitchen appliance Clank, the forgettable pupil (yes, that’s his actual title), and, needless to say, the Colonel. One character gets tossed a flimsy bone tissue of a second storyline — BFF Miriam has her very own small love thread happening utilizing the scant staying eligible bachelors — although some stay a aggravating enigma. Is nobody planning to speak about the professor/dean/CEO speaking dog??

Hot Colonel

Needless to say, a few of these features pale into the (high-cheekboned, smooth-skinned) face associated with the celebrity attraction: he associated with fried-chicken kingdom, Colonel Harland Sanders. Even though the game never strays into especially intimate territory, there are numerous opportunities to sensually gaze during the Colonel’s smile that is rakish

Hi, there. Screenshot: you, Colonel Sanders“ I love! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”

completely trimmed goatee,

The method that you doin’? Screenshot: you, Colonel Sanders“ I love! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”

effortless part swoop of silver locks,

One admission to your weapon show, please. Screenshot: you, Colonel Sanders“ I love! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”

interestingly jacked hands,

“What a HUNK!” Screenshot: you, Colonel Sanders“ I love! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”

as well as a hint of upper body at one point, and just sigh. (can it be simply me or did some body order their chicken extra spicy?) Then mission accomplished: now, an entire generation of gamers will grow up with the cursed knowledge that anime Colonel Sanders is finger lickin’ fine if the goal of the game is to objectify the man who gifted the world with eleven secret herbs and spices.

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